E-Design is an economical option that opens the door to a DIY Client who will be happy to measure their own space and do the installation themselves when given access to the advice and guidance of a professional designer. Online Design consulting is a service intended to jump start your project. 

E-Design includes: 

  • Lay-out plan /Furniture and Accessories
  • Digital Mood Board
  • Shopping list with direct links to product (convenient purchasing)
  • Step by step instructions on “How to execute” 

Step One: Payment / E-Design Agreement

Sign and return E-Design Agreement. Once payment has been secured and document has been signed and returned a Welcome packet will be sent out.

Step Two: Welcome Packet 

Information/Style Assessment form/Needs Assessment

Complete and return Needs and Style Assessment Form

Complete budget form for furnishings and accessories. 


Step Three: Photos and Measurements

Take pictures of your interior spaces that we will be designing. Take accurate measurements of the space that we will be designing. There will be step by step instructions on how to take measurements and photograph a room inside of your welcome packet.

Step Four: Work in progress (3 – 6 weeks)

We will send you a status report email at least once a week with the progress until Final Design is delivered to you. We will also respond to any question or concerns you have emailed us in the “status email”. 

Step Five: Final Design Delivered One revision is included and must be requested within 14 days of receiving your final design plan. 

Any room                         

This includes lay-out plan, furniture and accessories, digital mood board, shopping list with direct links to product (convenient purchasing), Step by Step instructions on “how to Execute”.

Not sure what package is right for you?  Need something more custom?  Tell us about your project and we will follow up with recommendations.