Exclusive Contractors Program

Our main goal is for you to “Come & Build”

Ala’Bella Interiors can create, manage and design the aesthetic the client envisions for their space with no stress, additional time or most of all cost to you the ‘Contractor’.


Here’s how:  

- Our focus is to work directly with the client and their budget for material finishes to design and create a 3D rendering of their vision. By doing so we eliminate the stress of Designing a space and/or dealing with the indecisiveness of the client that comes along with the design process. Most of all, it makes the process more enjoyable for the client because they feel control over their budget and vision.  

-We will order the materials and manage the vendors to ensure products are on site ready for installation saving you time.  

-Because we work directly with the client and their budget for materials, we have control over their selections and the many options presented to them due to the extensive list of vendors we work with. This allows us to control the cost and therefore control the markup. By doing so we can collect our fee at no cost to you or additional cost to the client.  

This service allows you the contractor to provide an additional service to the client. It allows the client to have the experience of a designer helping them accomplish their vision at no additional cost to either of you. At the end of the project we will take professional photos that we will share with you for your marketing purposes.

For additional information or to set up an appointment please contact  

Alicia Dillard at aliciadillard@alabellainteriors.com  

or call us directly at (727) 202-6933.