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Nylma Laureano


I began drawing floor plans and decorating at the age of 11.  As an adult I began to decorate for friends and family when I was a stay at home mom.  During that time I made the decision to return to school for Interior Design.  After schooling, working on side projects and an internship, I decided to make my business official.

As a designer I take an unconventional approach to Interior Design.  While aesthetics are an important factor in the Design business, I strive to give you peace of mind during the all-too-often stressful design process.  I can help identify your needs and create a master plan that best fits your taste, lifestyle, and budget.  I will facilitate the project and organize your interior design process from design conception to completion.

My favorite style to design is the customers.  My goal is to provide my clients a design that is both beautiful and functional for them to enjoy.  I provide my clients a visual of their space with 3d renderings.  This visual allows my clients to make quick and informed decisions when the time comes to select materials and furnishings.  Not only am I registered with the state of Florida but every General Contractor I work with is fully licensed and insured as well.

Contractors are not Designers and Designers are not Contractors.  Part of what we do as Designers is work with the contractor to ensure the project moves as smooth as possible, with minimal stress on the client and on time.  I work with the client to select all the materials and once approved I manage all details to ensure a timely and safe delivery.  It’s my goal with the assistance of the contractors to create the clients vision for their space.  I’m involved in every aspect of the project from start to finish by handling any and all details to ensure a successful completion.

It actually saves the client money and time in the long run to hire an Interior Designer.  Because we as designers work with multiple vendors across the board, the chances of the client's vision coming to fruition are much greater. 

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